Day 1 – Prague


We started day one (We’re not counting yesterday, since we pretty much had dinner and just crashed) with a trip to a place that was a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp during World War II, Terezin. It was a sobering way to start the trip, but a good reminder of why people need Jesus! The room you see us in above would house so 30-60 prisoners, it was so small for that many people.

We followed up with a tour of the city of Prague. It is so beautiful here, and there were dozens of pictures we would have loved to share with you. The views, the buildings, and the overall artistic flair of the city is breathtaking. Enjoy a few of the sites below:

Lastly, we all split up for some free time and dinner in the city. A few of us ran across this strangely mesmerizing statue of a face that rotated into many weird looks as well. Interesting, but VERY odd!

Amazing the things you find in a new city! Tomorrow is our very first concert, at a church in downtown Prague. Please pray that we are help to the church we are singing at, and that people hear the gospel in our songs! We love you all and we are enjoying our trip so far!


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