Day 3 – Germany! (Dresden)

Hi friends!

Today was our very first day in Germany, since we spent the first 2 1/2 days in Prague. We got up early and got on our bus and crossed over into Germany, specifically into the city of Dresden. We also met our new bus driver who will be driving us the rest of the tour, and this guy can MANEUVER a bus. The church we were singing at tonight (more on that later) was along this tiny back alley, and our bus driver made like he was the Olympic gold medalist in using every last inch with a bus and put us right next to it. We’re already a huge fan of him.

The morning (before the bus driver showed off his crazy skills) involved getting to tour/check out Dresden and even see a short service in one of the churches with some amazing organ music. The inside of the church was so beautiful, they certainly know architecture around here! Check out the church and some of the other sites we saw below:

After seeing those (and many others), we headed to our hostel, where we are staying for the night. We then made our way to the church and had a great crowd for our concert this evening. The church was about as full as it could be, and even though it was small, the applause was thunderous. They really enjoyed the music and were so complimentary of the whole group. Here are a few pictures from the concert itself:

After the concert, the church made us dinner, and it was GOOD. It was so wonderful of them to be so welcoming, and we honestly felt sad to leave. We’d give concerts at that great church every night if we could! They even lined the alleyway holding candles to wish us farewell as we left. It was an excellent night.

Tomorrow we head off to Leipzig. We will be staying with host families for the rest of the trip, so I cannot guarantee that we will always have access to wi-fi. I will try to keep basic updates coming via email for all of you on the list, but if we miss a day, don’t worry, I’ll catch up when I can. I’ll also have some videos up from tonight once I get the chance. Thanks for all your love and prayers throughout our trip.


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  1. Johnson Terry on Reply

    Great to get the updates on a regular basis, to view the pictures, and to hear that all is going so well, especially the blessings regarding Angel’s cello!
    Keep up the good work, and may God continue to bless!

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