Day 5 – Eurfurt/Eisenach

Day 5 involved sightseeing in a couple of towns that are closely connected with Martin Luther. The first is the town of Eurfurt. The most striking thing about Eurfurt were these two incredibly beautiful churches!

That afternoon, we headed off to Eisenach. We took a quick tour of the town itself, which included the chance to do an impromptu song in a church that Luther once preached in. That was pretty incredible to think about as the group sang. We then drove just a couple of minutes to just above the town to visit Wartburg Castle where Luther translated the New Testament. We took a tour of that. Pictures from Eisenach and Wartburg are here:

That second picture is a view from the castle, which is atop a huge hill. It was absolutely breathtaking. After the tours we headed back to Leipzig for a second night with our hosts, and to make more stories and memories with them.


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