Day 6 – Wittenburg & Magdeburg

Today we left our hosts in Leipzig, many of us were sorry to have to say goodbye to them. We headed out early to the town of Wittenburg, which is where the most famous of Luther’s acts happened, the posting of the 95 theses. We took a tour and saw some great places along the way, like Luther’s house, statues of his wife (who had a huge impact on his life), and the church where he preached regularly. We ended at the church where he was buried that also has his 95 theses posted outside (though the actual door where he posted them is no longer there). Here are some pictures from the morning!

Then in the afternoon we drove to a little town just outside of Magdeburg, and put on a concert for them. It was in the beautiful old church, and there was a HUGE turn out for our music. Nearly the entire town was there. I would say easily 100-150 in a very small place. It was a great time.

Tonight we’re in new host homes in or around Magdeburg, and tomorrow we get to tour the city and then head off to our final stop, Berlin.




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