Day 7 – Magdeburg to Berlin

Today we left our Magdeburg hosts, and drove into the city center to check it out. It was raining pretty good when we got there, so we played a game of who can get the most people below an umbrella. This group won!

After that we broke up into groups to explore the city center on our own. The whole group started at this huge cathedral before breaking off. On the other corner was this strangely awesome colored building.

After lunch, we all met back up and headed to Berlin. There was some traffic that slowed us up but we managed to make it to meet our hosts pretty much on time, which was great. (Our bus driver might be a magician, the jury is still out!) We had the evening free to spend with our hosts, so each host helped set our agendas. A bunch of us had hosts who are all friends so we watch the Champions League soccer final (in German, which was a new experience) and had a barbeque, but there were many groups doing other things as well.

Pray for us tomorrow, we have THREE concerts, it is going to be great but super busy.


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  1. Jeff James on Reply

    So good you could have a relaxing day of touring and important experiences like umbrella crunching!

    You are certainly seeing a lot of amazing historical landmarks.

    We’ve been praying for the three concerts.

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