Day 8 – Berlin. 3 Concerts!!

Today was a concert day! We started with Timo Heimlich’s church, a friend of ours from trips past who set up almost all of our time in Berlin. It was a great crowd that was really receptive to our music, and a great start to a good day of concerts. Here are a few snapshots of the venue and our students:

Then we got to go to a jazz festival and be one of the featured groups in the afternoon. This was a short 30 minute style concert where we just did a few selections. It was raining, so the crowd was a bit sparse in the seats and was more huddled under the vendor tents! Still, it was really fun to be between two jazz bands and sing at such a cool outdoor venue! Here’s some shots from that one:

Our last concert (and the last one for this tour, we’re just tourists tomorrow before we fly back!) was at Lucaskirche in Berlin. It was a nice intimate setting where the students gave a great final concert. They were leaving it all out there, and the songs went really well, especially for the third concert in a single day. The lighting was a bit low, but I got a couple of good shots of everyone. The second one here includes our WONDERFUL tour guide, Michaela. She has been so fun to have around and is always on top of everything. God gave us a gift when we got her.

Tomorrow we get to tour Berlin and have a farewell meal with our hosts, and then up EARLY on Tuesday for our flight. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back home again, and we’ll have some great stories for sure!



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