Day 4 – Leipzig

Days 4 & 5 we spent in and around the city of Leipzig. The first amazing opportunity we had was to do a 20 minute concert at the church where Johann Sebastian Bach is buried, and where he spent some time working. It was so amazing to sing in such a historic location. The pictures below are from the church concert and the tour we took after learning about both Bach and Leipzig.

Later that evening we gave a concert also in Leipzig at the Rinne Cafe church. They were so welcoming, and we had a great time sharing our music with them. It was a two encore performance, because they enjoyed it so much! Check out some of the pictures from that concert here:

After the concert we went and stayed with hosts from the church, and everybody had great stories in the morning. We’re having an excellent time and really enjoying seeing Germany as well as all of the people we meet. One other cool happening, we had people at the night concert who had been told to come by a friend who saw us in Prague. Yep, that’s right, our fame is growing by word of mouth!! Seriously though, it is so cool to see people touched by the music and telling others they need to see it.


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