Prague Day 2 – Concert at Martin-in-the-wall Church

Today we had a lot of free time in the morning. Some did more sightseeing, others of us enjoyed some rest and catching up with these young energetic ones! After lunch we headed back to the city center to perform a concert at Martin-in-the-wall Church. It was a very cool venue, amazing acoustics helped our songs sound amazing (great singers might have SOMETHING to do with that too!).

Below you will see some pictures from the concert! I took a video of one of the songs too, but it is too big to upload here. I’ll try to get some videos up via YouTube or another service later this week and provide you all with links if possible, but the internet is a bit dicey here sometimes.

There were about 30-50 people at the concert for most of it, but probably 100-150 if you count all of the people who would come in off the street for a song or two and then leave. The songs went well, and I think people really enjoyed hearing our students sing.

Tomorrow we are off to Dresden for our first day in Germany, with a concert in the afternoon.


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